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Sponsorship Operations Officer job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2022 - 2023

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 19 October 2022

Hiring Organization: World Vision Uganda

Job Details:

Purpose of the position:
To effectively manage Area Program Registered Children (RC), Sponsorship Operations, community engagement, participation and protection within acceptable partnership standards, in a manner that contributes to sustained improved child wellbeing.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities.
Management of Sponsorship Performance and Quality Assurance in accordance to WVI partnership standards
• Manage all sponsorship operations and reporting using sponsorship Horizon.
• Ensure Registered Children Monitoring Status (CMS) is maintained within partnership standards.
• Ensure quality Sponsorship Operation Indicators (SOIs) are implemented and maintained within partnership standard of 95%
• Ensure every RC records within Horizon and files are well Updated, managed and stored securely respectively.
• Facilitate timely processing and Management of all Correspondences (Christmas cards, Sponsor letters, Annual Progressive Report, introductory letters, Support Office Queries, Gift Notifications…) within partnership standard of 95%.
• Mobilize and support RC families to adequately prepare for and manage sponsor visits.
• Ensure that Sponsorship 2.0 Media Contents (Photos and Video’s) are delivered according to the Partnership requirements and standards.
• Facilitate Children, Volunteers and stakeholders Sponsorship Basic Training and Sponsorship initiatives.
• Ensure 102% supply and Management of planned number of Registered Children in line with Support Office.
• Hold monthly / quarterly meetings with Community Volunteers Association and guardians/parents and child protection committees to address findings from monitoring.
• Implementation of Field Level Sponsorship initiatives & Innovations
• Ensuring adherence and compliance of sponsorship volunteers to child and adult safe guarding
• Area Program Registered Children Monitoring maintained within or above 95%
• AP Sponsorship Operation Indicators maintained within or above 95%
• AP Community level volunteers structure to deliver and implement Sponsorship operations developed
• AP Sponsorship 2.0 Media Contents child and community contents delivered within partnership standards
• AP RC Management maintained within 98%-102%
• Monthly Community Level Guardians and structures meetings
• Quarterly Guardian meetings
• Volunteers trained in C&A Safe guarding policy and signed acknowledgement forms filed at cluster office.
Sponsorship Planning , Implementation and Reporting
• Work with Project Officer 1s (PO1s) to develop integrated Annual Sponsorship Operational Plans and facilitate implementation, monitoring while reporting and integrating 100% RCs participation.
• Facilitate implementation, monitoring and reporting of Community Engagement and Sponsorship (CESP) planned activities.
• Mobilize and facilitate periodical community engagements of stakeholders (RC guardians, RCs and COVAs) focusing on child wellbeing.
• Facilitate Community Volunteers Associations and partners in monitoring of Community engagement and Sponsorship activities.
• Mobilize and facilitate active participation of children and their communities in planning, monitoring and implementation of community development initiatives.
• Facilitate RC participation within the CDPC and update and Report every RC participation and benefit in accordance to the partnership standards
• Support the collection, documentation & Reporting of RC impact and success stories.
• 100% sponsorship Budget utilized based on the DIP and Cashflow
• Annual Sponsorship Operations plan(quality AOP prepared)
• CESP implementation plan
• Periodical community engagements of stakeholders Sessions
• Effective capacity and Facilitation of the COVAs
• CDPCs Establishment within the APs
• RC Participation plans and activities for the RCs
• RC participation trucking , Documentation and Reflection within the Aps
• Budget managed within -+10%
Community engagement and Sponsorship education
• Conduct Community sensitizations, capacity building sessions on World Vision Sponsorship Model through Community Volunteer Associations (RC guardians, community leaders and other established community groups and stakeholders )
• Lead and Support formation and Training of the Registered Children committees in the respective CPDC for their Wellbeing. .
• Support and facilitate the children committees to plan and hold meetings at all levels (School, parish and sub county) on a regular basis
• Conduct periodical community engagement with other technical project officers and advocacy sessions and case management based on the Child Wellbeing and sponsorship in programming
• Mobilize communities to participate in planned annual children care and protection events.
• Communities Sensitized on Sponsorship
• Establishment of CDPC Leaders and Centers
• Participation and voice and Advocacy on RC protection
• Monthly planning meetings for COVAs
• Minutes of children on file
Strengthening Field operating model through Community Volunteer Associations
• Support the formation, mentoring and functionality of the Community Volunteers Associations for implementation & Monitoring of Sponsorship operations deliverables and planned activities.
• Building capacities of the Community Volunteers, adult RCs and Children committees to manage Sponsorship operations and Media.
• Support COVAs to mobilize, empower and monitor RC households to participate and benefit from the Technical programs within the APs development
• Facilitate and mentor Community Volunteer Associations to support CESP activity implementation and Monitor the wellbeing of children wellbeing (to go on Community engagement)
• Established and functional COVAs with MOUs and Coordinators to impalement Sponsorship operations
• COVAs capacity to implement Sponsorship operations built through Training and mentoring
Community Led Care, Child Protection , Child Participation and Voice
• Lead and Facilitate the establishment and functionality of Child Participation and Development centers for RCs within established APs institutions like schools , Faith Based institutions ,learning centers and Health centers
• Support and Facilitate Periodical RC Child wellbeing engagements within Child Participation and Development Center based planned Technical Project Activities focusing on the child wellbeing.
• Manage and follow up case managements and report any incidents in line with child protection as per policy and guidelines.
• Conduct Periodical Community Sensitization on Child Protection, children’s rights and responsibilities.
• Capacity building and mentorship of CDPC facilitators on different age appropriate life skills to able to train children within the centres.
• Established Child Protection and Structures
• Capacity of CDPC facilitators to train and sensitize RCs enhanced
• Follow up on cases within the CDPCs

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience.
• Minimum of a Diploma in Social Work or any other relevant discipline.
• Computer literate
• Writing and reporting skills
• Ability to communicate in applicable local language(s)
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience in community work and engagement with Sponsorship agencies
• Networking and influencing skills
• Partnership and Collaboration Skills

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
• Community Mobilization and Engagements
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Motorcycle riding skills


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Date Posted: 2022-10-07




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