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HR Coordinator, Performance and Learning job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2022 - 2023

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 04 July 2022

Hiring Organization: Plan International

Job Details:

Role dimensions:
The HR Coordinator, Performance & Learning is a member of the People and Culture Team and is expected to manage the PIU ‘s performance management & L&D function tasks for efficiency and effective delivery of PIU strategic goals.
The role requires excellent coordination, communication, problem solving, multi-tasking skills, forward thinking and presentation skills to be able to advise managers and provide trainings on approaches that enhance performance
This position is responsible for managing a training budget of around USD 52,000
The key challenge for this position is around working with and through managers to create an excellent performance culture that enables achievement of PIU set goals. This requires the job holder to have:
• Excellent interpersonal skills are required, with an ability to motivate others
• An ability to arbitrate between parties and to find solutions to difficult people issues is necessary
• An ability to proactively engage managers and staff on timely submission of performance assessments that aid staff improvement
• Excellent coordination skills to be able to work with different parties to ensure timely delivery of required information
• Excellent presentation skills
Level of contact with children
This position has been classified as “low contact”: Occasional interaction with children

Key result areas:
KRA 1: Business Partnering
Act as a Business Partner, providing support and advice to both staff and management on HR matters; at all times representing PIU positively and seeking to effectively resolve any conflicts & grievances according to good practice:
Keep up to date with good practice in People Management and ensure a thorough understanding of Regional / Global HR strategies, policies & tools
Ensure the provision of briefings, guidance, training, and other capacity-building interventions to support management in utilising PIU’s people management frameworks effectively (recruitment, induction, etc.)
Proactively manage situations where members of staff are in difficulty or distress, including occasions when disciplinary measures must be taken; at all times behaving in a professional manner in compliance with PIU policy and relevant employment law
Coordinate the implementation of the graduate internship program when it is in place ensuring that PIU has a pool of skilled graduates that can backstop on replacements for positions that abruptly fall vacant to reduce delays in project start-ups and implementation
KRA 2: Organisation Development & Change Management
Work collaboratively with the Head of People & Culture to develop and implement a change management & culture strategy that will enhance staff engagement and motivation for the achievement of the PIU strategy:
Support the Head of People and Culture in identifying needs for organisational change e.g. through culture mapping or in response to transformation, policies, systems, guidelines reviews
Lead the preparation for, and create awareness of, the annual staff engagement survey as well as other planned and ad-hoc staff surveys, analyse the survey results and coordinate the action planning and feedback processes
Facilitate the implementation of appropriate change management initiatives to address identified issues; provide advice and support to employees during change to ensure teams that are flexible, positive and open to change
Support management in developing and building a healthy team culture where success is celebrated and people are valued; promote a culture where feedback is appreciated and there is cohesiveness among staff and management
KRA 3: Onboarding
Manage the probation period of new staff; liaising with management to ensure that the new staff member is performing as expected and providing appropriate support / corrective action if not:
Liaise with managers to set up probation period goals and to adequately communicate the expectations of the new role to the member of staff
Schedule end-of-probation performance reviews and follow up with management to ensure they are completed before the statutory period expires
Ensure that staff are provided with feedback on the results of their end-of-probation review, affirming and recognising their strengths, and communicating any development needs
If staff do not pass their probation period review, support management in deciding whether a performance improvement plan is the appropriate course of action, or whether the staff should be exited
Escalate any concerns to the Head of People and Culture, ensuring that any extension to probation period or termination of contract is managed in a legally compliant manner
KRA 4: Performance Management
Work collaboratively with the Head of People & Culture to develop and support effective utilisation of the employee performance management framework / system; ensuring effective linkage with the results and requirements articulated in job descriptions
Keep up to date on emerging good practice in performance management, and network with the PIU Global Organisation to fully understand Global policies, procedures and systems
Liaise with members of the CLT to ensure an effective linkage between programme or departmental quality requirements and annual performance appraisals; make sure that performance reviews measure the most important factors that drive achievement of PIU’s strategy
Lead the development and implementation of up-to-date country-specific performance management tools and guidelines that will result in a motivated and high-performing workforce, within the framework of Global policy and procedures
Ensure the provision of briefings, guidance, training, and other capacity-building interventions to support management in following good practice in performance management; support Business Partners to provide expert assistance to their client managers
Work collaboratively with the Head of People & Culture to develop and implement a rewards strategy that will balance the need to attract, retain and motivate talent whilst keeping overhead costs within budget:
• Keep up to date on emerging good practice in the management of rewards and network with the PIU Global Organisation to fully understand Global policies, procedures and systems
• Support the Head of People & Culture in the implementation of job evaluation and salary grading activities in Uganda; includes facilitating the job evaluation panel and commissioning periodic benchmarking studies
• Liaise with the UBOS data to keep abreast of the rising cost of living in Uganda; recommend salary scale increments and support the approval and communication process as required
KRA 5: Learning & Development
Work collaboratively with the Head of People & Culture to develop and implement a Learning & Development strategy that will enhance the motivation, performance and career growth of staff whilst ensuring that the organisation is provided with the critical talent required for success:
Keep up to date on emerging good practice in Learning & Development and network with the PIU Global Organisation to fully understand Global policies, systems and resources
Collate together the learning and development needs that have been determined from a combination of:
• Strategy development and the need to facilitate innovation and organisational change
• Analysis of core organisational competencies (behavioural and technical)
• Career development pathways
• Performance enhancement requirements identified from appraisals
Oversee the development or sourcing of learning resources and interventions that will cost-effectively equip participants with best practice and address their identified needs for career development and performance enhancement. For example:
• Priority technical skill-sets that are required to deliver projects
• An effective leadership development programme; aiming to enhance the quality of leadership and thereby the levels of engagement and performance of staff
• Coaching/mentoring initiatives to support workplace application of learning and provide personalised learning & development
• Tools and approaches for identifying and enhancing an individual’s strengths (talent enhancement) e.g. competency feedback, career review workshops, career counselling
Liaise with the Regional Learning & Development Specialist to fully utilise the Plan International e-learning and learning management software & systems
Organise and coordinate the schedule of learning and development programmes; ensuring that participants are provided with a good quality end-to-end learning experience and ongoing implementation support
Manage the talent forum/succession plan by ensuring period reviews are dome by management and managers are advised on staff development opportunities in line with the forum , training needs are linked to the talent forum
KRA 6: Risk & Compliance Management
Work collaboratively with Programme Area Manager and Project Managers to ensure that potential risks associated with the organisation’s employment of staff are identified & mitigated, including safeguarding strategies, data protection and compliance with all relevant legislation:
At the outset of each new project, ensure that HR-related risks are identified and mitigated (e.g. Child Protection, Health, Safety & Security etc.)
Work closely with Programme Area and Project Managers to ensure that staff safety and security protocols are in place and utilized; participate in emergency response teams as necessary
Provide advice and guidance to management on the situational application of Plan International’s policies and the laws of Uganda; make every effort to influence managers to act in line with good HR practice
KRA 7: Safeguarding, Gender Equality & Inclusion
Ensure that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.

Role requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
A Master’s degree in a management/administration discipline and or Certification in Human Resource Management from a recognized certifying body is desirable
At least 5 years progressive experience in people management in relatively large organizations of similar complexity to Plan International in Uganda

Leadership Competencies
Myself as a Leader
Leads through influence rather than position, and role models our values, accelerating gender equality inside and outside PIU; leads change by developing new ideas and strategies.
Lasting Impact
Drives progress in area of responsibility by setting and communicating an ambitious but realistic strategy, aligned with PIU’s strategy; willing and able to take complex decisions, weighing up the available information and assessing opportunities and risks.
Open & Accountable
Maximizes our progress by aligning work priorities and resource deployment in own area with Plan International’s wider goals and longer term direction.
Work Well Together
Builds positive relationships outside their own work area, communicates clearly and persuasively with diverse people; willing to compromise own preferences to achieve our broader purpose and longer-term impact.
Inclusive & Empowering
Delegates tasks and decisions, trusting and stretching others but ensuring they have the resources and support they need; adopts a coaching approach with the people they manage or advise.

Skills & Knowledge
Grows the professional and leadership capabilities we will need in future by developing the skills and potential of our workforce; involves all staff in reflection, innovation and improvement; coaches those they lead to act in turn as developers of other people.
Critical Business Management Competencies
Excellent track record of managing people with an engaging leadership style; experience of recruiting, delegating, managing performance and promoting safety, health, security and wellbeing of staff
Outstanding interpersonal skills with an ability to relate effectively to a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds; proven track record of leading collaborative working relationships and resolving conflicts between parties with differing interests.
Good track record of integrating change and continuous improvement into work plans, budgets, the design of systems and processes, staffing and training.
Good understanding of key risk-related policies, procedures and standards, (for instance, good practice in Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection; Gender, equality and inclusion; Counter fraud; Safety and Security); solid track record of compliance
Strong written and spoken communication skills, including a good standard of English Language, with an ability to effectively adjust content and presentation to suit varied audiences internally and externally, to get key messages across.
Good track record of planning and organizing work effectively; managing time to deliver results against agreed priorities, objectives and quality requirements, to time and within budget.
Critical Technical Competencies
Solid general knowledge and experience of good practice in HR/Talent Management, including recruitment, performance management, employee engagement & motivation
High level of specialist knowledge and experience in Performance Management and Learning & Development; specialist qualification or certification in L&D is preferred
Experience and proven ability to act as an HR Business Partner / Consultant to internal and external customers
Good knowledge of people management systems and software; especially the use of HR metrics to support the development of strategy

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