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Senior Operations Coordinator job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2022 - 2023

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 16 March 2022

Hiring Organization: Future options consulting

Job Details:

Senior Operations Coordinator

Location: , Kampala , - Uganda
Organization details
Our Esteemed Client in the NGO Sector
Number of vacancies: 1 Sector: Civil society Industry: NGO

Knowledge, Skills & Competences
• Sets high standards of performance for self and/or others; successfully completes assignments
• sets standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed
• Ensures interactions and transactions are ethical and convey integrity.
• Integrity: Maintains social, ethical, and organizational norms; firmly adheres to codes of conduct and ethical principles inherent to the organization.
Communicating with Impact:
• Diplomatically, logically and clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the recipient / audience and helps them understand and retain their message.
Facilitating Change:
• Supports and manages the change process by developing a culture affirmative of change; encouraging others to seek and act upon opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities
• Critically analyzing evolving and fluid situations
• Facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace; actively engaging with resistance to change.
Strengthening Partnership:
• Identifying and utilizing opportunities within and outside of the organization to develop effective strategic relationships between one’s area and other areas/departments/units or external organizations to achieve objectives.
Management Excellence:
• Makes the connection between values and performance.
• Influences the performance of others, and ultimately, the performance of the organization.
• Sets direction, coaches & develops, promotes staff wellness & safety, practices & promotes compliance, models gender equity & diversity, communicates effectively.
Developing Teams:
• Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team; facilitates the completion of team goals.
• Promoting, valuing, respecting and fully benefiting from each individual’s unique qualities, background, race, culture, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyle, perspectives or interests; creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes diversity.
• Expected to well adjust with the country, the operating environment and with the Project team to function effectively and efficiently
• Ability to demonstrate to enhance skills and capacity of staff working in the field and office for them continue to serve in the future program activities

Job Summary:
• The Senior operations coordinator oversees the functions of Safety and security, Procurement, Asset Management, Logistics, Operational Administration, Transport & Fleet management, and quality control of administration processes within the Country program.
• Under the direct supervision of the Operations Director, the Senior Operations Coordinator will take a leadership role in executing effective and efficient procurement, administration, logistics and asset control management ensuring values and competencies in maintaining transparency, integrity and compliance with established rules and regulations of the organization and the respective donor regulations.
• The incumbent will undertake performance management reviews for direct reports and draw up development action plans as necessary.
Key Responsibilities and Tasks
Responsibility 1: Procurement Management
• Coordinate the entire process in the planning of procurement activities, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays based on projects’ procurement plans
• Ensure effective lines of communication between the Project/Programme Managers and the support team to ensure priority requirements, timely delivery of goods, works and services using the procurement procedures and guidelines
• Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with the organization Procurement Manual, Donor’s Regulations
• Implement effective internal control, proper design and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system for projects and related reporting requirement
• Ensure effective use of internal Standard Operating Procedures in Procurement, control of workflows, continuous business monitoring and improvements in systems and processes
• Coordinate and monitor all transactional procurement including tendering processes, evaluation, contracting, contract management, legal considerations, payment conditions, contractors’ performance evaluation and risk assessment; this will include preparation of appropriate procurement documentation leading to the approval of Purchase Orders and contracts
• Develop and manage the list of suppliers, elaborate supplier selection and evaluation, quality and performance measurement
• Review weekly, monthly and quarterly procurement status report for all purchases and share the Report with Senior Management Team and all Project Managers on a weekly basis
• Monitor and report on the performance of selected vendors to ensure timely delivery in line with contractual obligations and performance metrics and ensure deactivation/blacklisting of non performing vendors or vendors that deliver substandard goods
• Coordinate outward communication to vendors to facilitate understanding and awareness of organizational strategic direction, changes and challenges
• Coordinate the interaction between vendors and internal program deliveries to provide adequate visibility of interdependent initiatives and program activities
• Liaise with procurement vendors to review, report on and revise contractual agreements as necessary
• Monitor initiation of vendor enlistment process; review checklist, vendor evaluation, vendor documentation for vendor selection processes; maintain updated Approved Vendor List (AVL)
• Ensure enterprise-wide needs for due diligence, risk assessment and continuing vendor monitoring are being accomplished
• Coordinate the maintenance and repair of vehicles, motorcycles and generators, inclusive of monitoring maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, registration and insurance.
• Also, monitor maintenance and fuel usage costs to ensure cost-efficiency.
• Support the management, negotiation and payment of Lease Agreements.
• Ensure proper management, maintenance and usage of telephone.
• Supervise the Operation Officers in the performance of their technical tasks and responsibilities as defined in the job description.
• Ensure that Sub-Office administrative tasks are completed per policy and procedures, reports are accurate and timely, and activities are efficient and cost-effective.
• Ongoing monitoring, analysis, and follow-up as required.
• Also, develop and implement recommendations to reduce costs in the Sub-Office administrative areas
• Supervise the country office to ensure that the maintenance, repair and organization are effective and presents a professional image.
• Provide input and advice on key strategies, policies, procedures, systems and processes as they relate to assets management
• Support the development and implementation of Asset Management Plan/s for offices buildings and other movable assets
• Preparation of the yearly property insurance requirement and manage the sourcing of the general and asset insurance covers
• Coordinate with responsible support staff and make sure all assets are recorded and tagged as per the organization’s Asset policy
• Oversee the implementation of asset maintenance providing professional oversight to protect the organization resources
• Support in assessment and management of risks associated with current assets and work to minimize losses on assets
• Responsible for inventory including all receipt and issuance. Assure accuracy of all documentation
• Implement end-to-end supply chain management to ensure product visibility throughout the supply chain process
• Provide the needed logistics support to Programme management ensuring hand over of commodities to the respective program
• Liaise with suppliers and transport companies and receive feedback
• Monitor the quality of services provided;
• Coordinate training, supervision and monitoring plan to ensure that logistics policies and procedures are adhere to by staff
• Make recommendations to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations during times of Disaster Response
• Coordinate quarterly security awareness training for every office location.
• Timely update and roll out of Safety and Security Protocols.
• Coordinate Safety and Security assessments for all location before deployment.
• Ensure all offices are fitted with appropriate Safety & Security tools/equipment/ware like fire extinguishers, burglar doors, guards, cameras, security communication tree, key management policy, etc.
• Confirm completion of the Safety & Security course on the organization's academy by all staff.
• Develop the General Services Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and the Individual Operating Plans (IOP) and the Annual Performance Appraisal (APA) systems for all direct reports.
• Provide overall management of the Operations Officers, Drivers and Office assistants
• Provide leadership, guidance, mentoring and identify training opportunities for personal and professional development to the operations staff.
• Maintain a positive participatory work environment where information is shared, inputs are considered and a healthy team spirit thrives. Initiate and encourage inter-sectoral mission wide information sharing and corporation.
• Plays a leadership role in identifying and implementing initiatives that enhance commitment to gender and diversity.
• Ensure that Safeguarding policies and procedures are adhered to by all and the staff that S/he supervisors both directly or indirectly
• Ensure that staff and related personnel under your jurisdiction are familiar with the following organisational policies and procedures and can identify when needed how these may have been breached; The Safeguarding policy, Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse and Child Abuse, The anti-discrimination and harassment policy, The code of conduct and the organizations Values.

• University degree in a business related course from a recognized institution;
• A relevant post graduate degree is an added advantage
Details of experience
• Minimum 4 years of experience in a related position
• Experience working in international NGO is desired
• Membership to a professional body is an added advantage

Application procedure

Interested candidates should send details to; The Deadline is 16th March 2022
Application deadline: 2022-03-16

Date Posted: 2022-03-13




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