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Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)

Technical Project Coordinator job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 09 December 2021

Hiring Organization: Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)

Job Details:

The Government of Uganda received funds from the International Development Association of the World Bank and Government of Uganda for implementation of the ‘Investing in Forests and Protected Areas for Climate Smart Development (IFPA-CD) Project. The IFPA-CD Project is jointly developed and implemented by Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) as the Lead Agency and Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, National Forestry Authority (NFA) and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The problem being addressed by this project is increased vulnerability of economic productivity, biodiversity and livelihoods to climate change effects due to declining forestry ecosystems goods and services. The project therefore, aims to improve sustainable management of forests and protected areas and increase benefits from forests in target landscapes. The project geographic area includes the Albert Rift and West Nile, with focus on target protected areas (7 National Parks, 4 Wildlife Reserves, 28 Central Forest Reserves) and 18 refugee host districts. The performance-based subsidy scheme for private plantation development will be national in scale. The project is structured in four main components namely; i) Improving management of forest protected areas; ii) Increasing revenues and jobs from forests and wildlife protected areas; iii) Increasing resilience of landscapes and livelihoods to effects of climate change and impact of refugees; and, iv) Project Management Support

Objectives of the Assignment
The main objective of this assignment is to engage the services of a qualified and experienced individual consultant to provide services of the Technical Project Coordinator (TPC), through provision of technical and coordination support to the National Project Coordinator (NPC) to ensure overall smooth and technically sound implementation of the Project. Technical Project Coordinator will work closely with designated Project Focal Points in Implementing Agencies (UWA and NFA) and User departments of MWE, Technical Service Providers (TSPs), National Project Coordination Unit (NPCU) Consultants and other who consultants who will be hired, to ensure quality and timely technical deliverables and outputs.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
The principal role of the TPC will be to ensure effective project implementation, coordination mechanisms and high quality of project outputs. The TPC, working closely with relevant agencies, shall be responsible for coordinating implementation of the daily activities, work programs and expenditures of the project and ensure the project objectives are met with required efficiency and effectiveness.
Reporting to the National Project Coordinator, the TPC will carry out the following responsibilities:

Project Management: provide advice and support to the NPC to achieve a cost-effective management of the project by providing:
• Overall day to day management of project operations through close coordination with the NPC, Institutional Focal Points, PCU staff and Technical Service Providers. The TPC will regularly interact with MWE, UWA and NFA Focal Points, TSPs, Consultants and districts aiming at ensuring that implementation of project activities is synchronized to avoid duplication and inefficient use of resources.
• Monitoring of project implementation and advice on compliance with PIM and Financing agreement, Environment and Social (E&S) risk management, and other agreed procedures of the IFPA-CD Project implementation.
• Supervising PCU Staff/personnel, Project Consultant and TSPs: The TPC will support the NPC by providing technical supervision to the PCU staff, ensuring review of their work and outputs, providing technical advice where required, and monitoring their performance.
• Representing the NPC: The TPC will be assigned to represent the NPC in meetings, field activity supervision, and monitoring where necessary.
• Undertaking capacity building and institutional building activities. The TPC will support capacity and institutional building efforts through coaching and providing technical guidance to Institutional Focal Points, assigned staff at headquarters and in the field on aspects where the TPC has competence to handle and where this may be needed.
• The consultant will bring to the attention of the NPC, and, through the NPC, to MWE / NFA / UWA management and the World Bank (through the Task Team Leader) as relevant, in a timely manner issues that need urgent support and action to ensure smooth progress of activities.

Coordination: provide advice and support into:
• Convening Project implementation coordination meetings of PCU and with Institutional Focal Points of UWA, NFA and MWE User departments. The TPC will facilitate planning and convening of coordination meetings, including monitoring implementation of agreed actions and processing responses to issues requiring MWE/PCU action.
• Support coordination, reviews, inputs, feedbacks, approvals within government and World Bank Task Team Leader (TTL): The TPC will keep track of all issues and actions related to project implementation, in consultation with Institutional Focal Points identify bottlenecks in implementation and, through the NPC, support and facilitate consultations with MWE and World Bank to seek and provide solutions or feedback to the implementing agencies. This information will be in a form that will enable all the implementing agencies to keep on top of overall implementation progress and issues of concern. This information would be separate from the consolidated reports that are required for more formal reporting. At the start of the project, the TPC will develop and communicate appropriate tools for tracking such issues and remedial or follow up actions taken.
• Manage and coordinate regular communication and information flows between the implementing agencies, the GoU, and the World Bank. The TPC will work with PCU Staff/personnel, Institutional Focal Points, TSPs to prepare technical briefs, reports and other information for the NPC’s use in ensuring adequate information flows to the targeted audiences.
• Manage and coordinate regular communication and information flows between the implementing agencies and stakeholders. The TPC will work with PCU Staff/personnel, Institutional Focal Points, TSPs to prepare technical briefs, reports and other information for the NPC’s use in ensuring adequate information flows to the targeted audiences.
• Planning and coordinating project supervision Missions, Steering and Technical Coordination processes: The TPC will support NPC in the planning, preparation of briefs, discussion papers and other documentation, participate in these process as well as support the NPC in implementation of follow up actions. The TPC will monitor implementation of the follow up actions and decisions from these processes and advise the NPC and Implementing agencies on progress and outstanding issues for actions.
• Planning and coordinating Project mid-term reviews and end of project evaluation. The TPC will support the planning, preparation of briefs/ reports and other documentations, participate in these processes as well as support the NPC in implementation of follow up actions.
• Planning and facilitating Stakeholder engagement processes with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, CSOs, Private sector, Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups, among others, as appropriate. The TPC will monitor and advice the NPC and Institutional Focal Points on compliance issues with the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. In addition, the TPC will facilitate dialogues with stakeholders or represent the NPC in such dialogues and meetings, where appropriate.

Technical responsibilities: take technical lead and ensure good quality and timely delivery of the following:
• Consolidated Project work plans and budgets, with inputs from UWA, NFA and MWE User departments. The TPC will initiate, receive, review and facilitate the consolidation of annual work plans and budgets into a single IFPA-CD work plan and budget and process them for review/endorsement by the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and approval by the World Bank.
• Terms of reference or description of assignments and activities to be implemented by MWE: The TPC will initiate preparation of Terms of Reference and task description of activities to be implemented by Consultants to be hired by MWE and ensure their technical completeness and compliance with agreed requirements stipulated in contracts /MoUs and the IFPA-CD financing agreement and project implementation manual.
• Terms of reference or description of tasks and activities to be implemented by UWA and NFA. The TPC will receive and review ToRs and or descriptions of tasks aiming at ensuring their technical completeness and compliance with agreed requirements stipulated in the IFPA-CD financing agreement and project implementation manual.
• Project technical reports – The TPC will review all deliverables and reports for the project prior to their finalization and liaise with responsible staff members, PCU members and consultants to ensure that the quality of the deliverables and reports is according to relevant TORs and meets the expected standard of quality.
• Project progress reports, project briefs and other technical information provided to project stakeholders and the World Bank. The TPC will initiate and lead preparation of consolidated progress reports from UWA, NFA, MWE User departments with a view of ensuring completeness and compliance with agreed reporting requirements as stipulated in the financing agreement and project implementation manual

• Good and timely quality project work plans and budgets, progress reports, technical reports and briefs/articles.
• Quality information briefs, reports and other communications to various audiences
• Well-coordinated project implementation processes and outputs.
• Effective technical support to the Project Steering Committee, review and evaluation process (Project Steering Committee, WB Supervisory Missions, mid-term review and end of Project evaluation).
• Ongoing advice to NPC, MWE and Implementation Agencies with regard to relationship management, risk management, conflict resolution, project and quality assurance, project monitoring, change control and any other aspects to ensure successful delivery of the project.

Qualifications/skills and competencies
The main required skills, competencies and experience are summarised below:
• A Master’s Degree in forestry or related natural sciences.
• A minimum of 15 years of professional or equivalent experience in development and management / coordination of natural resources/environmental and or related programmes /projects at national/regional or international levels.
• A minimum of 10 years of experience managing projects and teams.
• Strong management skills, including ability to provide strategic guidance, technical oversight, mentor staff, build strong teams, develop work plans and budgets.
• Demonstrated experience and competence in engaging with Government, Development partners and multi-stakeholder processes at policy and senior management levels.
• Demonstrated leadership in the compilation, analysis and disseminating of projects information.
• Good negotiation, multi-cultural and interpersonal skills, with experience and demonstrated skills in networking with ministry-level partners, donors and private sector
• Sound technical knowledge of issues in Forestry, Wildlife, Climate Change, Tourism, Environment sub sector and over-all rural development in Uganda.
• Knowledge of donor funded and government of Uganda project implementation procedures and core values, including government planning, management, implementation and reporting processes.
• Proven ability to plan, organize and effectively implement activities.
• Ability to coordinate and work in teams, as well as in complex environments.
• Good communications skills, including fluency in English.
• Understanding of government functioning in Uganda.
• Experience in dialogue processes between Government and civil society, and on consensus building.

Reporting and Location
The TPC will report to the National Project Coordinator. TPC will be based and work within the Project Coordination Unit based in MWE, Kampala.

The duration of the position is 6 years with a probation period of 6 months. However, the TPC will be recruited for an initial period of twenty-four (24) months (renewable). The contract may be renewed as required to ensure the implementation of the IFPA-CD Project and depending on satisfactory performance and availability of funding.

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Facilities and information to be provided by the client
Adequate facilities, office furniture and equipment will be provided for use by the TPC.

Key Performance Indicators
Project Management and Coordination
• Well-coordinated project implementation processes and delivery of outputs.
• Technically sound Project Coordination, Steering, supervisory, reviews and evaluation process.
• Effective stakeholder engagement in project implementation and compliance with the SEP.
• Compliance with management requirements and procedures stipulated in the PIM, Financing Agreement.,

Technical support and leadership
• High quality and timely consolidated Annual project work plans, budgets, task descriptions and Terms of Reference for Technical tasks.
• Good consolidated IFPA-CD Annual and Semi-annual progress reports other technical reports.
• High quality information briefs, reports and other communications to various audiences.
• High quality and timely project outputs by Consultants, TSPs and PCU technical Staff.
• High quality technical backstopping and institutional building to Implementing Agencies.
• Compliance with technical requirements and procedures stipulated in the PIM, Safeguards frameworks as decisions or recommendations of Steering Committee, supervisory Missions and reviews/evaluation

Application procedure

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