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Managing Director Briquette Manufacturing Business

Location:  Uganda

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 21 December 2020

Hiring Organization  Water For People

Open Position: Managing Director Briquette Manufacturing Business
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Water For People Country Director
Water For People, an international NGO, is looking for a professional to be the Managing Director of a for profit subsidiary company that will be engaged in the manufacture and sale of environmentally-friendly briquettes used for cooking fuel.
The Managing Director will be responsible for building the company from start- up to scale. Key aspects of business will be input sourcing, production, sales and marketing. The Managing Director will he tasked to follow lean startup principles and processes to build a venture that sector partners can invest in and that will ultimately improve lives across the region. Managing Director will need to recruit talented staff and build an effective team. There will also be a separate Board of Directors and the Managing Director will help recruit members.
The business will be operated to maximize profit, and Water For People has private sector level expectations for execution. However, all profits will be used for social benefit: providing and for subsidizing sanitation in Kampala and/or other small towns in Uganda.
The innovative product is a briquette that has major advantages over charcoal. The adoption of this briquette will reduce the demand for charcoal and thus lead to a reduction in deforestation. Test marketing has demonstrated robust demand and we anticipate a high gross margin. All funding for both working capital and fixed assets is secured. At scale (2 to 4 years] we anticipate production annual revenues in excess of 5B UGX..

• Preferred qualification: An advanced degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance or other equivalent.
• Demonstrated track record in building a venture, business management, sales, vision setting, and strategy development and implementation.
• Strong understanding of, and passion for, entrepreneurship.
• Resident of Kampala, Uganda.
• Innovativeness and ability to overcome obstacles.
• Strong interpersonal people and organizational skills; high-performing team builder.
• Highest level of integrity and ethics.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
• Strong interest and alignment with Water For People’s mission.
• Appetite to co-found a venture in Uganda.
• Get the job done" attitude that embraces teamwork, flexibility, and resilience.
• Proven track-record of executing against deadlines and reliably delivering outcomes.
• Successful experience with project management.
• Ability to work independently with an instinct for identifying priorities and time management.

Compensation will include both salary and incentive and will be commensurate with experience and skills.

Detailed responsibilities (but not limited to):
Validate the business model: test the market need and get customer validation.
• Adjust the business model to incorporate the learnings from the testing and develop a product prototype.
• Build financial projections, organizational structure and hiring plan.
• Pitch the venture to Factor[e] and other co-investors for potential investment.
Program Development and Oversight
• Agree on and develop the briquette business in Uganda to build.
• Develop and de-risk the concept.
• lead the building of the business model: value proposition, customer segments, market channels, key partners, key resources, revenue streams, and cost structure.
• Ensure proper and effective management of supply chain actors including briquette distribution marketing, awareness, research, evaluation, and factory & product development.
• Validate the business model: test the market need and get customer validation.
• Adjust the business model to incorporate the learnings from the testing and develop a product prototype.
• Build financial projections, organizational structure and hiring plan.
• Liaise with government and other stakeholders and partners such as community members/groups, associations in the briquette industry, etc.
• Develop new partnerships with an eye towards advancing the briquette team’s programs and mission.
• Recruit, hire, lead, manage, retain, and develop a high-performing team.
• Maintain clear communications and logistics to ensure proper logistical support for all team members.
• Pitch the venture to investors.
Monitoring and Evaluation
• Monitor and evaluate business performance on a regular basis.
• Report to the Board and investors on progress.
• Maintain business records/receipts and account for reconcile expenditures.
• Provide strategic input for business improvement and recommend changes to enhance the programs {e.g. business plan development] as appropriate.
• Develop, maintain, and cultivate relationships with local and global partners.
• Support Water For People in publishing white papers and articles about the business.
Program Partnerships
• Maintain effective communications local and global partners [e.g., National Water and Sewerage Cooperation, Makerere University, the Kampala Capital City Authority, and Water For People}.
• Cultivate relationships both locally and globally; collaborate on projects that advance the briquette business mission.
Marketing & Distribution
• Lead the marketing team in pushing the product to potential distribution channels.
• Set-up supply chain centres in and around Kampala and/or other recommended sites.

Application procedure

Coordinate New Co logistics related to briquette production, distribution, and sales. If you are both qualified and Water For People interests you, please submit your resume and coyer letter that introduces you to us, write up insights into both your experiences and how you are the ideal candidate for this position. In addition, provides 1-2 page on the following question. What was your role in increasing the revenues of your last company? Resumes and cover letters can be submitted at our offices Located on Plot 2A Katalima Bend-Naguru.
Deadline for submitting your application is 4 p.m. EAT, Monday, 21st December 2020
Water For People-Uganda
Plot 2A Katalima Bend-Naguru
P.O Box 1420
Kampala, Uganda 

Date Posted: 2020-12-09