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EXPIRES ON : 04.10.2019

Community Development Worker
(with Legal & Mediation Background)
Description of Assignment
VC is an Irish-based organisation supporting and working within the faith-based international development sector. We specialise in the recruitment, training and placement of skilled volunteers on projects identified by a mission partner which meets the needs of the beneficiaries. We also specialise in the area of grant support, (proposal writing), monitoring and implementation of projects as well as in the recruitment of experts/consultants for clearly defined projects in developing countries. The organisation is needs-driven focusing on assignments in projects identified by its partners in the field which meet the needs of their beneficiaries. VC is a signatory to the Comhlámh Code of Good Practice for volunteer sending organisations and holds Comprehensive Compliance status. Since 1960 we have recruited, trained and placed over 2000 volunteers in 48 different countries. Today we have volunteers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean
Assignment Title: Community Development Specialist (with Legal & Mediation Background)
Type of Assignment: International Development Worker
Project Title: Capacity Building of Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) in Hoima Diocese to facilitate advocacy and peace-building with vulnerable community members 2020.
Duration: 12 months
Location, Country: Hoima, Uganda
Expected Starting Date: Q4 2019
Brief Project Description: The Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) is the legal advocacy arm of the Catholic Church of Hoima Diocese mandated by the laws of the Catholic Church. The main aim of the JPC is to advocate for amicable co-existence of the people of Bunyoro and to help build capacity of the community leaders with a view of resolving the existing social, political and cultural conflicts in accordance with Catholic Social Teaching (CST).
The project HQ is based in Hoima Town but its services extend to the entire Bunyoro Kitara
Kingdom which cover five districts (Bunyoro, Masindi, Kibaale, Buliisa and Kiryandongo) Each of the districts has its own unique social, political and cultural challenges that the Justice & Peace Commission has strived to address amidst financial and structural constraints:
Hoima Diocese comprises four districts of Bunyoro (ncompassing 36 parishes): Hoima, Masindi, Kibaale and Buliisa.
The Diocese is also home to two major refugee camps (Bweyale and Kyangwali); one of which is the largest refugee camp in Africa. Hoima is also the only Ugandan Diocese which holds two refugee camps for International Refugees. Before the Misean Cara/Viatores Christi funded project in 2016-17, no peace building interventions were made in refugee camps in the Diocese. It is estimated that about 25% of the population of the Diocese are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Sudan.
Viatores Christi (with grant support from the Overseas Aid Budget of Ireland through Misean Cara) has been in partnership with the Diocese since 2016 and a project on Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of the Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission (JPC), to facilitate the network of Justice and Peace Commissioners in their advocacy and peace building work with vulnerable members of the community has been running since then.
In the first 2 phases of partnership with VC in 2016 and 2018, following has been achieved:
  • 85 people have been trained as trainers in modern peace building skills
  • 17 Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) clubs have been established in schools
  • Weekly radio shows have been presented with phone-ins, highlighting human rights issues
  • Modern Peace Building training course material has been compiled, is available in folders and every JPC Commissioner has been given a copy as part of the training process
  • Community dialogue events facilitated including one in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, and one with teachers from local primary and secondary schools (this also included child protection training)
  • Visits to rural villages have been completed to gain a better understanding of key issues faced by rural communities and support needed
  • The need for a local mediation service has been identified and initial research conducted in relation to same
  • The need for positive discipline training with teachers and sensitising parents in line with child safeguarding efforts has been identified, following local research conducted, which unveiled the widespread use of corporal punishment in schools
  • Evaluation of child and vulnerable adult safeguarding implementation has been completed and recommendations/remedial actions documented with due dates
  • Development of the JPC’s financial processes have commenced with a finance manual to be produced during 2019
  • Overall, people are now more aware of their rights, and the JPC’s profile has increased, evidenced by an increase in approaches made to JPC for assistance and intervention
This current project - Capacity Building of Justice and Peace Commission in Hoima Diocese to facilitate advocacy and peace-building with vulnerable community members 2020 is a phase 3 follow up project seeking to build on the activities of the previous years and integrate new activities that have stemmed from learnings, to continue to empower local change in practices and attitudes and to continue supporting the reinforcement of foundations, for a well-run JPC in the Diocese of Hoima.
Organisational Context: The Viatores Christi Community Development Specialist with a legal and mediation background is to continue to build the capacity of the Justice and Peace Commission and to undertake peace-building work in the community in a more effective manner.
Description of tasks:
  • Develop staff skills and confidence in programme/project management and related activities (organisation, strategic and operational priorities, time management, fundraising, networking) Implement the new strategic and operational plan to provide a more unified, structured and effective approach to the delivery of JPC programmes and services from 2020 onwards.
  • Provide further training, support and community dialogue engagement with the 2 refugee settlements in the Hoima diocese, Kyangwali and Kiryandongo, to develop the work of Justice and Peace Committees in encouraging community dialogue, peace building and harmonius living amongst the local population and refugees, which includes a varied range of nationalities and tribes.
  • Develop a mediation service, settling disputes amongst the most vulnerable members of the community, who otherwise could not afford to access legal/mediation services.
  • Provide refresher mediation training to the 5 volunteer mediators (training to be facilitated by local legally qualified professionals with support from volunteer expertise) to fully equip the mediators. Develop the weekly radio show on Radio Maria and expand into commercial radio, to include a more structured approach to content and scheduling in line with other JPC activities, improved content with expert/specialist guest presenters, phone-ins, dramatic plays in local language, and facilitate the use of commercial airtime slots (provided to the government and police) which are currently not being utilised.
  • Monitor and analyse the phone-ins and develop subsequent content in response to key issues raised.
  • Implement the JPC Community Sensitisation Programme by engaging with the Hoima community to disseminate relevant information on areas of conflict most affecting their lives, including domestic violence, child abuse, addiction, land grabbing, environmental damage and inheritance disputes.
  • Use speaking slots at the end of church services to reach a large number of people, organise community workshops, conduct refresher mediation training and seminars in rural areas and organise monthly inserts to parish newsletters.
  • Submit comprehensive project reports to VC every 6 months as per funding contract and required templates. Include stories of change, learnings and any unintended outcomes. Photographs will be included where possible
  • Facilitate local team meetings at least every 2 weeks to review progress of the project against all planned activities and results. Notify VC of any off-track items and put mitigation plans in place where necessary
  • Facilitate the consolidation and strengthening of the Justice & Peace clubs in schools. Design the content to highlight the importance of child safeguarding and positive discipline, increase knowledge and awareness of human rights and family values amongst children and young adults in vulnerable communities.
  • Provide refresher training to JP Commissioners on modern peacebuilding. Include updates and guidance on the new mediation service, and how the referral system will work so that they are clear on their role.
  • Conduct annual evaluation of the implementation of the child protection/safeguarding policy. Provide a report to the diocese and to VC outlining findings and recommendations.
  • Fluency in English
  • Relevant legal degree and/or
  • Experience in community development
  • Legal Justice, peace or mediation experience.
  • Experience of facilitation and conflict resolution
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Past experience of project management
  • Good administration skills
  • Ability to work with a wide range of people in a respectful and collaborative manner
  • Experience in mentoring / supervising
  • Good understanding of development issues in Uganda
    Living Conditions:
    Modest with all facilities.
    Conditions of Service
    A 12 month contract. Living allowance, flights and vaccinations contributions, insurance and accommodation.
    Please forward letter of motivation and career summary, hightling relevant experience, skills and personal profile to


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