NEW JOB : Impact Assessment Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation) - JOBS IN UGANDA

JOB: Impact Assessment Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation) - JOBS IN UGANDA

POSTED ON : 18.09.2019
EXPIRES ON: 15.10.2019

Job Summary

Under the functional supervision of the IMPACT Country Focal Point in Uganda and of IMPACT’s HQ in Geneva, the IMPACT M&E Assessment Officer is responsible for the management of all ULearn independent verification research cycles, including implementation, partnership framework, dissemination and evaluation. He/she directly supervises junior assessment and field staff and plays a key role in the development and implementation of IMPACT strategy in Uganda.


1. Management of all Research Cycles
 1.1 Assessment Preparation and Planning:

-- Ensuring that all of the consortium’s Independent Verification activities are planned in line with relevantproject and program objectives and with IMPACT’s research cycle and other relevant guidelines;
-- Provide technical support to the Assessment team on research design, sampling, methodology andanalysis plans
-- Review and validate Independent Verification ToRs and ensure they are used by assessment staff and stakeholders, and updated as required; Review and validate in close coordination with ConsortiumCoordination, qualitative and quantitative data collection tools;
-- Direct line management of IMPACT assessment officers on requirements of research cycle/ monitoringactivities;
-- Keep track of progress and delays of all assigned assessment throughout the research cycle. Ensurethat delays or identified challenges for specific assessments are reported in writing and orally in a timelymanner;
-- Ensure relevant stakeholders and partners are engaged in assessment design and planning.

1.2 Data collection and management

-- Monitor data collection, ensuring its correct implementation in line with agreed TORs;
-- Ensure that the Consortium Committee, IMPACT Country Focal Point and IMPACT HQ are alerted toany issues that prevents full implementation of the methodology in line with the agreed TORs; ensurethat all changes to the methodology are documented throughout implementation;
-- Ensure logistics, financial, administration, security (for IMPACT staff only) and HR processes directlyrelated to data collection activities have been appropriately implemented and coordinated with therelevant ACTED departments;
-- Ensure regular situation updates on data collection have been produced and circulated to theConsortium Committee, IMPACT, ACTED and external counterparts. Provide support and follow up onidentified challenges during the data collection process.

1.3 Product drafting

-- Manage assessment staff toward timely and accurate assessment outputs (i.e. reports, factsheets, flashreports, etc.), which comply with IMPACT’s guidelines and quality standards;
-- Review and validate all products before they are sent to IMPACT CFP and IMPACT HQ for validation
1.4 Product dissemination and evaluation

-- Under the direction of the IMPACT Country Focal Point and in close coordination with the U-LearnConsortium, engage in the dissemination of monitoring products, targeted e-mails, presentations,meetings, etc, with DfID and their partners as appropriate, and in line with IMPACT Dissemination andExternal Communication Guidelines and Research ToRs;
-- Ensure that lessons learned are gathered and documented throughout the life of the research cycles.

2. Grants Management and Reporting

-- Liaise with Consortium finance and reporting units, with oversight from the IMPACT CFP and HQ fortimely and accurate submission of reporting documents to DFID
-- Support the IMPACT Country Focal Point and ACTED support team in drafting of relevant projectnarrative and financial reports;
-- Maintain an oversight, in close coordination with the IMPACT Country Focal Point and the ConsortiumFinance Manager, of budget availability and burn-rates for all data collection activities

3. External relations

-- In coordination with the Consortium Committee, meet with DFIDs BRAER implementing partners to
ensure they are consulted and involved at all stages of research cycle: the preparation ofthe
assessment; data collection; data analysis; review of research products; product dissemination; andlessons learnt; ensure that partner engagement is documented;
-- In coordination with the Consortium Committee, present research findings to DfiD and partners toenhance their use and impact;
-- Ensure that external communications with partners and key stakeholders, including DfID and itspartners, is conducted and documented as appropriate;


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